New Year, New Plans

How do I make this work?

It’s the end of January and I’ve made a ‘sort of’ start on the things I want to accomplish for the coming year.  I know what I want to do and yet I haven’t been doing it.  As has been said any number of times “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting new or different results.”

So this year, this time I am going to try something that I have been thinking about for some time now:

I am going to start doing things with the end result in mind.

It is a jump shift of thinking, doing, and being.  I know that it won’t be easy and I will slip from time to time.  But I will admit when I slip and do my best to keep moving in the new and better directions.

I invite you all to join me in a new way of looking at life.  Of looking ahead to the desired result and then back stepping from that to “now.”

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Plans

  1. I love your post. We all need reminders and this is a good one. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. Change doesn’t happen in an instant. Baby steps, right! I think you are onto something great! Good for you and thanks for sharing Terresa! :-)

  2. So happy to see this, Terresa! And so happy to see that you’re ALREADY making this shift by writing and sharing this blog post — a great reminder to all of us to shift our behavior when we want different results. I also subscribe to the “begin with the end in mind” philosophy — kind of like “reverse engineering” your dreams! :)

    Thanks for the great reminder — and I accept your invitation to live from this empowering perspective! :)

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